Wedding Party Gift Ideas

A number of people play an important part in making your wedding celebration a success. A well chosen wedding party gift is the best way to thank all the people in your wedding party who helped make the day so memorable for you. Here we have some ideas that tell the members of your wedding party, in the best way possible, how much you appreciate their being around on your special day:

  • Wedding party gifts for female attendants (including the Maid of Honor and the Bridesmaids): A favorite gift option for the most important people in your wedding party is jewelry. A simple, yet elegant necklace or bracelet is bound to be loved by all. Consider hair jewelry, like a bejeweled barrette, as well. A variation on this is a decorated jewelry box. For an added personal touch, consider getting it engraved with their names.

    For Maids of Honor and Bridesmaids who love surrounding themselves with sweet smells, great gift options include a bottle of perfume, votive candles and aromatherapy kits. For those who love looking good, think of gift ideas such as a make-up kit, a manicure and pedicure set or even a spa set. Maids of Honor and Bridesmaids who love good food and wine will love a bottle of fine wine and a box of chocolates. Yet another option for these foodies is a set of gourmet cookbooks or a collection of fine and rare spices or even a set of gourmet teas and coffees. The music lovers in your wedding party are sure to appreciate a set of CDs from their favorite artist just as much as the movie freaks will enjoy a DVD or two. And for those who love to have a good time, a set of margarita glasses or wine glasses works great!

    A new trend in wedding party gifts is gifting an experience as opposed to a thing. This can include just about anything from a day at the spa to creative classes to concert tickets to a favorite band.

    Other popular wedding party gifts for your female attendants include handkerchiefs, evening bags, photo frames, stationery, candle-sticks and decorative items.

  • Wedding party gifts for male attendants (including the Best man and the Groomsmen): It’s tough enough finding a gift for one guy, so it is understandable if the task of finding gifts for all the men in your wedding party seems practically impossible. But help is at hand – we have for you some great ideas for gifts for the men in your wedding party.

    Popular wedding party gifts for male attendants include leather wallets, Swiss army knives, cuff links, leather shaving kits and silk ties. For those who are into the great outdoors, gift options include binoculars, camping and hiking gear, fishing gear, protective eye wear and a cool back-pack. Show the sports lovers in your wedding party how much you appreciate their help with some sporting gear like golf or tennis accessories. For the busy executive, a smart organizer, an engraved pen set or business card holder and personalized stationery make great gifts. And almost every guy we know would love to get a cool tool box, a barbecue set or a smart set of beer mugs.

    Gifted experiences work very well with men too. This could again be anything ranging from a creative class to tickets for the next big game to an adventure trip like white water rafting.