Meet the New Mr. Goodbar

In 1975, the recently deceased Judith Rossner published her best selling book, “Looking for Mr. Goodbar.” The book told the story of a young female schoolteacher’s search for the perfect man, Mr. Goodbar. Her relentless cruising of the singles bars and her increasing flirtation with danger ultimately leads to her descent into hell and her subsequent murder. The public in general found this cautionary tale shocking and disturbing. Critics praised both book and film as honest depictions of female sexuality in the freewheeling seventies.

Rossner’s novel was loosely based on the actual murder of Katherine Cleary, a schoolteacher. On New Year’s Eve in 1973 she picked up one Joe Willie Sampson in Mr. Goodbar, a singles watering hole in New York City, and took him back to her apartment. Sampson killed her there and later hanged himself in his jail cell, while awaiting trial. Since then, in the American vernacular, Mr. Goodbar has become synonymous with a sociopathic killer who preys on single women.

Today there is a new Mr. Goodbar. Chances are you will never find him in the modern singles bar. Unlike the Mr. Goodbar singles bars of the seventies and eighties that offered sex, romance and always a touch of danger, the modern watering holes have been sanitized, franchised and often transplanted to the eternal blandness of the shopping mall. It is unlikely the modern woman will be driven to the gates of hell by a khaki clad executive stopping by the local BJ’s after a hard day at the business park. Perhaps other than boredom and enduring the predictable mating habits of her office cronies, the modern woman faces a greater danger driving home in traffic than she does rejecting the guy hitting on her at the hors d’oeuvres stand.

Realistically, most women stopping off at happy hour and even later are there to do what their male counterparts are doing–let off a little steam. For the most part they have seen the repertoire of available men, dated some and avoided the rest. Now, for the most part, their time spent at the local watering hole is a mild distraction between work and a trip to the gym, or to go home and feed the cat, order in Chinese and log onto their favorite online dating site. They become one of millions of women, engaging strangers on the thousands of dating sites pervading the Internet. And here in this virtual world of romantic fantasies and wishful thinking, they are risking the fateful encounter with the new Mr. Goodbar.

The new Mr. Goodbar need not be a sociopath ready to erupt into a murderous rage to be considered dangerous. He is usually a lot smarter and a lot more calculating. The new Mr. Goodbar may have no interest in taking a woman’s life. Instead he may take her money and steal her identity, leaving her to spend the next year cleaning up the credit mess. There are thousands of male predators seeking out professional women and women of means. To a predator it’s no secret the glass ceiling has been cracked if not shattered. He has done his research. He likes successful women. The new Mr. Goodbar finds his happy hunting ground in many women graduating law school, medical school, and the high paid executives at major corporations. His potential prey own houses, have bank accounts, and own stock portfolios. They are women who have money he can steal if he plays his cards right and persuades even the smartest women that with him they are fated for the mythical land of “happily after ever.”

It begins usually with a predator writing wonderful emails, indicating how sensitive and caring he is. He lies about his job, his wealth, his present state of mind. He loves your cats, your dogs, your kids; he adores your personality. He knows you better than anyone has known you before. Before long he may have a woman convinced they are soul mates. He is, after all, very good at what he does.

The all new and reconstituted Mr. Goodbar will not just con a woman over the Internet. He will arrange to meet and to come to her house where he can avail himself of her financial records. If they sleep together, he may slip out of bed and check through her drawers, and through her wallet for driver’s license, credit cards and her social security number. He may persuade her he needs money to start a business, or he may order credit cards in her name, delivered to a blind post office address. The female victim may not discover she has financial difficulties until as much as a year later.

Before anyone scoffs at the notion and thinks that I am exaggerating, consider these facts. Women are five to eight times more likely to be victimized by an intimate partner. More than one-and-a-half-million women are raped or assaulted by an intimate partner every year. More than four in ten incidents of domestic violence involve singles. Michigan and other states have considered making it a blanket law that all applicants to online dating sites first undergo a personal background check, before being approved.

There are several reputable companies offering background checks for singles and members of online dating site. One service, Corra Group, caters to the professional woman with the kind of material assets that may very well attract the new Mr. Goodbar. Corra Group also specializes in personal service. For further information contact or

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12 Quick Cross-Cultural Tips For Today’s Global Executive

Are you a competent executive, but are clueless when it comes to the proper cultural practices, customs and protocol in other countries? Knowing the appropriate cultural cues and practices is invaluable to creating an ongoing, profitable relationship when doing business internationally.

Here are 12 quick tips to raise your awareness and enhance your success:-

1) In East Asian board rooms, involving new business acquaintances, many executives will arrange the business cards of the participants in the way that they are seated around the table, so that they can be sure to learn their correct names, titles and place them properly within the corporate hierarchy.

2) If you are doing business in East Asia, be prepared by bringing plenty of business cards. You will use many more than you would at home in North America during a similar conference or meeting. Understand the protocol of giving, receiving, handling and storing of business cards. Never write on a business card. Store them in a classy case above your waist. Using a back pocket or wallet for this purpose will not do, Gentlemen.

3) For the men – it is not uncommon in the Middle East for your local male colleague or client to clasp your hand while walking. This means that they like and trust you. Be forewarned, if you think that your hand may suddenly become clammy, as a result.

4) In many countries, you may meet locals for just a few minutes, who might ask you impertinent questions that we would normally consider highly personal. Examples of this would be: Are you married? How many children do you have? Why don’t you have any children? Why aren’t you married? What religion are you? What do you think of my (Hindu, Buddhist, Moslem) religion? How old are you? How much money do you make? Why isn’t your husband travelling with you? If you are American or British, know that you may be asked political questions about your country’s current foreign policy.

5) It is not only important to know how and when to give and receive gifts in business, but how to wrap and present them. In many cultures, how the gift is wrapped and presented, is as important as the gift itself. In East Asia as well as other parts of Asia, gifts are not opened in front of the giver, to save face. You should also refrain from opening their gift to you, in front of them.

6) Table manners and what is acceptable varies considerably, depending on the region. For example, belching while eating is acceptable in parts of the Middle East, but not in the UK. In England and France it is a common practice to utilize a knife and fork while eating a sandwich or a hamburger. In China, you use chopsticks to serve your portion from the common platter.

7) Spitting in public is accepted in Japan, but blowing your nosepublicly is not. A Japanese finds it revolting when they see a Westerner blow their nose and place the used tissue or handkerchief in pockets or handbag.

8) In South Africa, when they say, “I will see you just now,” it means they will see you later.

9) In the UK, a retirement scheme means pension plan in America. To table a discussion in America means to postpone it. In the UK, it means to put the topic out for discussion at present.

10) When Germans whistle at a soccer match, they are jeering.

11) Beckoning someone with a curling index finger in Southeast Asia and Australia is rude.

12) Ladies, dressing in conservative clothes, with minimalist jewelry and wearing neutral colors is recommended in East Asia and the Middle East. What is considered acceptable, professional business attire in the US, is not de rigueur in the UAE, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, where knees, shoulders and arms are always covered, and necklines of blouses at least touch the collarbone. The dark conservative skirt suites acceptable in some countries, would not be a fit in India, where colorful, flowing clothes are the norm.

To do business overseas without any or little cross-cultural training is to court disaster. Some professional sources cite a 30-60% failure rate where there is no advance cultural preparedness. Do your homework to ensure lasting, professional and profitable international relationships.

Mobsters in America – Francis “Two Gun” Crowley – The Puny Killer

They called him a “Half-Pint Moron” and “The Puny Killer.” But for a short three-month period, Francis “Two Gun” Crowley was the most dangerous man in New York City.

Crowley was born in New York City on October 13, 1912. His German mother was not married, and as soon as little Francis saw his first light of day, she gave him up for adoption. It was rumored his father was a cop, which explained his hatred for anyone in a blue uniform. He was brought up by a woman named Anna Crowley, and he took her name, calling her his only mother.

By the time Crowley was 18, despite the fact that he stood only five-foot-three inches and weighed 130 pounds, he was already a full-blown criminal, and a murderer. He teamed up with hulking Rudolph “Fats” Duringer, who was said to be the largest man ever to sit in Sing Sing’s electric chair, and the Mutt and Jeff crime team soon started terrorizing New York City.

On February 21, 1931, Crowley, Fats and another unidentified male busted into an America Legion Dance Hall in the Bronx. They were uninvited, and when a slew of Legionnaires tired to toss them out, Crowley began firing with two guns, which gave him his nickname “Two Gun” Crowley. No one was killed, but two men were injured, and Crowley was now hunted by the police for attempted murder. He was cornered in a office building on Lexington Ave, but he shot his way out of arrest, plugging Detective Ferdinand Schaedel.

Crowley continued his crazed crime spree in rapid fashion. First, Crowley and his crew robbed a bank in New Rochelle. Then they staged a home invasion at the West 90th Street apartment of rich real estate investor Rudolph Adler. Crowley shot the feisty Adler five times, and just as he was ready to fire the final bullet into Adler’s skull, Adler’s dog Trixie went into attack mode and chased Crowley and his crew from the apartment.

In Crowley’s first murder involvement, he wasn’t even the shooter. On April 27, 1931, Crowley was driving a stolen car with his pal Fats in the backseat. Fats was busy trying to make moves on dance hall girl Virginia Brannen, who had just come along for the ride. Brannen told Fats to keep his hands to himself. This did not please the hulking gangster too much, so he shot her dead. Crowley and Fats discarded a bloodied Brannen outside the St. Joseph Cemetery in Yonkers.

After finding Brannen’s dead body, the police put out an all-points bulletin for the big and tiny psychopaths. On April 29, Crowley was driving a green Chrysler on 138 Street in the Bronx, when a passing police car spotted him. The cops sped in hot pursuit after Crowley, firing shot after shot at the speeding Chrysler. Crowley returned fired, and somehow he managed to escape. The next day, the police found Crowley’s abandoned car, riddled with bullets and smeared with bloodstains. The manhunt for Crowley continued.

On May 6, Crowley was smooching in a car with his 16-year old girlfriend Helen Walsh, in a secluded spot on Morris Lane, in North Merrick, Long Island. Patrolmen Frederick Hirsch and Peter Yodice approached the car and asked for Crowley’s identification. Instead of drawing his wallet, Crowley pulled out a pistol, firing. He shot Hirsch to death and wounded Yodice, before he fled the scene.

Now branded a cop-killer, the daily newspapers brought Crowley instant fame. The New York Daily News wrote: “Francis Crowley, who glories in the nickname Two Gun Frank, and is described by the police as the most dangerous criminal at large, was hunted throughout the city last night.”

On May 7th, the police traced Crowley to a top floor apartment on West 90th Street. Crowley was holed up there with Fats Duringer and Helen Walsh, and what transpired next will forever be known as “The Siege on West 90th Street”; the most fierce gun battle in the history of New York City. Two detectives first tried to enter the apartment and take Crowley and his crew away peacefully, but Crowley would have none of that. He screamed through the door, firing lead, “Come and get me coppers.”

The detectives retreated down to the street, where they were joined by an estimated one hundred police officers, rushed in from all parts of the city. Crowley yelled down at the assembled cops, “I’m up here. Come and get me.”

Over the course of the next several hours, and while an estimated 15,000 onlookers gawked from the streets and open tenement windows, more than 700 bullets were fired into Crowley room. Crowley had an arsenal himself and he brazenly returned fire. Helen Walsh and Fats Duringer reloaded Crowley guns for him, as they hid safely under the bed. At one point, the police cut a hole in the roof and dropped gas canisters into Crowley’s room. Crowley calmly picked up the canisters and threw them out the window, overcoming several police officers below. Finally, a dozen cops broke down Crowley’s door, and with four slugs in his body, the police were finally able to subdue Crowley. Fats Duringer and Helen Walsh gave up without a whimper.

The newspapers had a field day with this one. Crowley was described as “A Mad Irish Gunman” (even though he was actually German), with “the face of an alter boy.” Crowley and Fats were convicted of the murder of Virginia Brannen, and Crowley of the murder of patrolmen Frederick Hirsch. They were both sentenced to die in the Sing Sing electric chair.

In jail, Crowley kept up his tough guy act. He made a club out of a wrapped-up newspaper and some wire from under his bed. Then he tried to fight his way out of prison, by cracking a guard over the head with his handmade club. His escape attempt having failed, Crowley set fire to his cell, then took off all his clothes and stuffed them into his toilet, flooding his cell. For this, Warden Lewis E. Lawes forced Crowley to sit naked in his cell for several days, until the young maniac quieted down.

On his last days on earth, Crowley mellowed a bit. A bird flew into his cell and he nurtured it. He also began drawing pictures, for which he had more than a little talent for.

On December 10, 1931, Fats Duringer got the juice first. After Fats and Crowley hugged a last goodbye, and Fats started his last lonely trek down the hall to the chair, Crowley told a guard, “There goes a great guy, a square shooter and my pal.”

Crowley was not so charitable to Walsh, whom he refused to see, even though she visited the prison almost every day. “She’s out!” he told the newspapers, “She’s going around with a cop! I won’t look at her!”

On January 21, 1932, Crowley followed the same path to the electric chair that his old pal Fats had traveled. After the black leather mask was pulled over his face, Crowley’s last words were, “Send my love to my mother.” The lever was thrown and Francis “Two Gun” Crowley was executed at the tender age of nineteen.